Once Upon a Time and Moana, Memes, and Willem Dafoe

March 18, 2019

The boys discuss Once Upon a Time which they use to reflect upon the fairy tales of their youth. They also review the Dustin Hoffman case and make some memes in the new segment: Meme Minute. They also grill Jack on his love of Moana.

Jerricho and Zachs worst Meme

March 11, 2019

We watch the show Jerricho on the newest episode of the podcast. Jerricho is a show that was cancelled after one season and the losers/fans of the fans of the show annoyed them enough to make one more season. Its about a divided America after 9/11. Zach and John bad mouth Bob Kraft for no friggen reason. Bob Kraft is the ultimate feminist because he supports sex work and  Zach also creates the worst meme of all time.

The Fugitive: I’m in it for the ***s and ****

March 4, 2019

The boys discuss the most widely watched dramatic series finale of all time, The Fugitive. They discuss North Korea's nuclear weapons. They also discuss the career of Wesley Snipes and who the best one armed actor is.

The Quad-Lavar Burton

February 25, 2019

We watched The Quad a show on BET. We chose it because it reminded of us of our time in college, including community college. This show had a lot of drama a mom who hits her daughter and then sleeps with a dead mans wife. They also burn down a library and we want to let everyone know burn your books! 

Kyle XY - Live Episode

February 18, 2019

This was such a fun night we did an episode live at the 730 Tavern. It was really fun. Kyle doesn't have a belly button and we talk a lot about that and where you are suppose to cum if you dont have one. The audience was laughing too but its difficult to hear but fuck you it was awesome!

Dallas: Kimbo Slice for Gay Rights

February 11, 2019

The boys discuss Dallas. They ponder what the world would be like if they had never been born. They discuss gay rights icons like Kimbo Slice and Harvey Milk. They also tell lawyer jokes.

The Knick: 1 Billion gut holders

February 4, 2019

Jack makes aa tragic mistake and embarrasses the shield that is Series Finale. Its a cool show about cutting people up and doing lots of drugs in the 1800. Would you masturbate in front of a crowd? We answer for you.

American Vandal - How do you Wipe?

January 28, 2019

We disect the mocumentary. We stand with Aliyah. American Vandal is a comedy show where people poop all over them selfs because someone is mad at them.  We talk alot about goth kids and Ricky Ray Ricter.

I Pity the the Culo / The A Team

January 21, 2019

On this weeks episode of Series Finale The Sexy Bitch Bois watched the A Team. We had alot of funny talking about what it would be like to be involved in a Secret Service team and we also fat shame Mr T. This finale is garbage 

Bates Motel: Hot Moms

January 14, 2019

Bates Motel is a show about the movie Pyscho. Its got a real weird and made Zach and Jack very scared while watching it late at night. John Paul really wasn't afraid but was conflicted because of the beautiful relationship Norman Bates and his Mom.